Types of sand used in construction

As to any construction material to sand shall be installed standards. Is subject to GOST 8736-93, which provides a definition of: bulk material of inorganic origin with a particle size up to 5 mm, formed in result destruction of rocks. For the purposes of construction on an industrial scale sand mined in an open way in the development of sandy or sandy-gravel deposits. No special equipment for its enrichment shall not apply.

In construction, except as described in Guest, today is used by several types of sand: river, quarry, or mining. Career in turn, is washed and seeded. Each type of sand has its own characteristics and differences. If you want to buy the sand for the needs of construction, price of the cube will depend on the type of sand.

River sand

Deposits of river sand are mined with the help of pumps and the dredgers from the bottom of rivers. It is usually, first-class building material with the highest degree of purification, there is almost no foreign inclusions and organic impurities, particle size uniform.
Not to be confused with river sand, which is mined in the sea. He of course also does not contain impurities, but there are a lot of salts, so the use of sea sand must be washed.

Sand quarry

Deposits of sand are developed and pit method. This method is used when the soil contains in clay rocks. In this case, it is mined by excavators and then washed in special installations, removing clay and dust particles.

Sometimes the sand in the reservoir is mixed with large pieces of other rocks and stones. In this case, it is sifted, separating all inclusions that are in excess of the settings in the Guest.
Seeded and washed sand is used in roughing and finishing works, it is used for cement mortar and concrete masonry, the pouring of foundations and in the stucco.

Mining sand

This type of sand is also mined pit method, it can be a natural product of the destructive impact of external factors on rocks and obtained by artificial means, when these rocks are crushed by special mechanisms to sand. If the quality of the raw materials used granite, marble or quartz, mining the sand used for making fine finishing and decorative solutions.