You should know that are subject to registration, not all small boats. Do not need to register rowing boats with a capacity of less than 100 kg, kayaks with a capacity of less than 150 kilograms and inflatable boat without any engine capacity less than 225 kg. as well, you do not need manage permissions for the row boat and engine to 3.68 kilowatts (5,004 HP).
If your boat does not fit into these parameters, it must be registered in GIMS, State Inspectorate for small vessels. Department GIMS are in each region. Remember that registration boats must be made within ten days from the date of purchase, receipt as a gift, inheritance, etc.
For boat registration, go to the Department GIMS on your place of residence, take the receipt for payment of state duties and pay at Sberbank. Next, show your vessel inspector GIMS. You have two options: you can bring the ship to the inspection or cause an inspector to the location of the vessel. In the second case you will have to pay the call of the inspector is based about 500 rubles per hour. Before you call the inspector, ask whether you can do without a challenge you can meet and restrict viewing of the documents you provide.
After inspection of the boat, the inspector will make an inspection, you fill in the application for registration and forward it to the inspector. In that case, if you want to register a homemade boat, you must provide the inspector with her drawing in three projections with numbered indication of structural elements, and checks purchased for its construction materials. If the boat is purchased, tell the inspector copies of documents on purchase.
The registration process is finished, you have to wait for a ship ticket. This usually takes from one to three weeks. Having a ship's ticket, put on Board of your boat has her number. If you have the right to manage the boat you can start to use it. If you have not previously cared about getting right, you have to go through six courses of navigators and to pass examination in GIMS.