Work on drilling of wells can be divided into two parts: preliminary work and the drilling and completion of wells.
Departure of the expert on the future of drilling is usually done for free (after signing the contract to the drilling company provides such service), he conducts site inspection, determines with the customer the place of drilling. However, a special study of the soil is worth 2-3 thousand rubles. It implies a more professional manipulation of the land, including the geochemical study of soil (determination of approximate depth of occurrence of "need" water and preliminary analysis of their composition).
Drilling cost is calculated based on the price per meter – from 2500 rubles on average. The company offering the price of 1000 rubles, as a rule, not produce the arrangement of the well (simply make a "hole" in the ground). More comfortable if the price included the casing bore pipes, the cost of pipes, installation of filters and pumps and provision of passports to the well – in other words drilling is better to order "turnkey". It is for such work, the performers take from 2000 to 2800 rubles per square meter and above.
The price also depends on the chosen customer method of drilling: the use of compact modular installation cheaper and easier organization of work with heavy machinery. If the area where the well is located far from the city (generally more than 50 km), the fare technicians take the extra money. Sometimes, the company in the production of works is elektroresurs of the customer – it also must be considered, estimating the amount, which will manage the drilling of the well.
Despite all preliminary estimates, the final price will be known only upon completion of the work – because the necessary depth of the well is not provided. Even if the adjacent plot of depth of wells is only 10 meters, on your may need to drill all 150. And even a preliminary study, paid by you is incorrect.
Thus, the approximate the price of the well 20 meters deep will be 50 thousand rubles, 50 feet – 125 thousand roubles, 150 meters – 375 thousand rubles, although some companies may reduce the price later on after a few dozen meters.