You will need
  • - dumbbell;
  • - rod;
  • - step-up platform;
  • - the weights for the legs.
Before strength training as it should warm up the muscles of the thighs. Jump over the rope, roll the bike, do some exercise on a step platform.
Take the dumbbells in both hands and hold them down. Take a deep breath, put your hands up, at the same time allocating back one foot. Repeat with the other leg. Run on 4-12 exercises two to three approach. For greater efficiency put on a special ankle weights or wear heavy shoes.
Stand on a step-platform, next put the rod. Slowly pull her up, straightening the body and keeping the neck in the lowered hands. Slowly lower the weight. Repeat 4-10 times, making two approaches.
One of the most effective exercises – deep lunges with a barbell. Position the neck on the shoulders. Take a small step forward, placing one foot after the other – it's original position. Inhale and step back with one foot, lowering the body down. The knee of the front leg should be bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Follow feelings – if you feel any strain in your back thigh muscles, the exercise is done correctly. If, however, tense up the front muscles, the more likely you Crouch at the wrong angle. Straighten and adjust the width of the step.
Performing strength exercises, do not hurry, tense the muscles we work with and follow the breath. If you need to develop hip and give them volume, increase weight and do 4-6 exercises in two-three approach. For those who want to tighten muscles and to remove excess weight, reducing the weight of the barbell or dumbbells to increase the number of repetitions to 10-12 in one approach.
Finish your workout stretching worked muscles. Stand up straight, slowly bend, touching the floor with your fingers or palms. Lie on the floor, lift the straight leg, not pulling socks. With both hands pull to his knees, stretching the muscles of the back thigh and hamstring. Stand up, make as deep a lunge forward, touching the knee of the outstretched leg sex. Shook on the supporting leg several times. Spread your feet wider than shoulder width, rise up on your toes and slowly squat into a deep plie.