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The most powerful muscle in the human body – the gluteus Maximus. It has a flattened diamond-shaped form. Starts the gluteus Maximus on the pelvic bone, screeplays with the femur.

Gluteus Medius is defined on the surface of the Ilium. Then it goes down, gradually turning into a thick tendon.

Small gluteal muscle is under average and, in terms of structure, it is similar to it.

Training the gluteal muscles

Exercise the gluteal muscles is not, in most cases special difficulties. And this is no accident. It should be noted that a person initially has a well-developed gluteus Maximus. This is due to the fact that the motion on them is the main burden of the body.

Squats – effective and good exercise, which promotes muscle development. This load is an excellent exercise the gluteal muscles. Typically, conventional sit-UPS is enough to quickly develop the area.

The technique of deep squats will more specifically focus on leveling the gluteal muscles. Considering the individual characteristics of the body, quality deep squat cannot not for everyone. To start this exercise is recommended with a large number of repetitions with small weights. Do not forget to follow the technique of performing a deep squat. Only by observing these conditions, it is possible to achieve a positive result. Like many basic exercises, squats allow you to effectively and quickly build muscle mass. If you choose more specifically to work on the shape of the buttocks, you need to include in their training more exercises.

Lunges are considered as one of the best exercises to give the beautiful shape of the gluteal muscles. Special attention should be paid to technique. To work on the gluteal muscles should be started without additional weights. Only after mastering the technique can take the load a barbell or dumbbell.

In fact, to be shaped, pumped, powerful gluteus Maximus is enough to do two simple exercises – lunges and squats. If you decide to increase the load, turn in the work dumbbell.

At the end of each workout, experts recommend to stretch the gluteal muscles. It must be remembered that, following this Council, are you doing a rapid step in giving desired shapes to your buttocks.