For writing specifications, use the letterhead of your organization, which lists its full name, legal address and contact phones. After the word "Characteristics", write the surname, name and patronymic of the employee, position.
In the questionnaire part, specify the year and place of birth of the employee accounts. List the special and higher educational institutions, which he graduated from, graduation. Give a brief list of the enterprises to which he worked for a long time, please indicate what year this person works in your company and what positions during this time he served.
Tell us about the qualifications of the accountant. If he passed refresher courses, received additional education, attended training sessions, all this must be listed in the description. Specify the specialization of accounting staff, list job duties and how they performed. Mention how serious and responsible the man refers to his duties, whether to work outside normal working hours, when it is a necessity.
If the accounting officer has implemented and mastered new software, be sure to reflect it and list some special software that he uses in his work.
Describe the accountant, listing his personal qualities, and reflect on how they help or hinder him in his work and relationships with staff. Write if he uses the prestige among their colleagues and other employees of the company.
In the last paragraph, specify the organization to which you want to provide this feature. Align your document with the chief accountant, the head of the personnel Department and the legal Department. Sign it with enterprise Manager and attest his signature stamp.