You will need
    • 3-4 mackerel;
    • liquid smoke;
    • alder chips;
    • salt.
The process of Smoking fish at home mini smokers is enough time, if not to mention the fact that this smoker is enough money, and need somewhere to install it, take the smoke and stuff. The device is also called a convection oven are widely spread in everyday life, it is absolutely easy to manage and very fast to cope with the preparation of various dishes.
Of course, to smoke the fish in the convection oven isn't really that in special smokers. The fish in the process rather fried. However, prepare in aerogrill fish hot smoked and verify how good it was.
Take 3-4 carcasses mackerel, cut their tails and heads. Cut along the abdomen, remove the unwanted insides. On all sides salt and pepper, add the spices that you use. Palm will distribute the spices over the entire surface of the fish — both for external and internal. Take a bottle of "liquid smoke", pour some into a separate bowl. Using a brush, brush with liquid smoke the fish as well - inside and out. Leave the fish in the fridge for at least a couple of hours, some recipes suggest leaving the carcass to absorb all night.
Before you smoke the fish in aerogrill make another trade. Take some alder chips and soak in any capacity for 15 minutes.
In a pan put the prepared grill alder chips. The fish lay on the middle bars. The parameters for the operation of the convection oven — convection the maximum temperature is 200 degrees Celsius. Mackerel hot smoked ready in 40 minutes.
While the "smoked" fish, wash and peel a few potatoes. A classic side dish for smoked fish is boiled potatoes. Boil it, drain the broth, put some butter. When serving, sprinkle potatoes with chopped fresh herbs.