You will need
  • a computer connected to the Internet
Open any search site (Google, Yandex, etc.)
Type in the search box your name and surname in the nominative case and click the search button. Found village will contain mention of your name and surname, and that means some information about you or your namesakes. Try this way to find information about yourself using several search sites. Typically, each of them gives slightly different set of links.
Continue searching using your name, written in Latin, if you participate in international events, communicate on Facebook or you have friends abroad. Your name might be in the archives of the international forum, in which you once participated, or to appear in the caption to the photo you made your friend.
Remember Nicky (network nickname) that you have ever used. You might have to forget them, and in the Internet they are still "alive". Quite possibly, someone from network users quotes your blog or results in your opinion, expressed at the forum as an expert. This is also part of your image in the Internet.