You can find out all your fines and debts by name using the site "public Services". To register you need a certificate on pension insurance, as well as several additional documents. Even if you rarely have to pay administrative obligations, due to this resource, you will be able to get various social services online without having to visit government agencies, so check in here never hurts. Please note that the property resource will send an email with the confirmation code to your home address through "Mail of Russia", so the final check in time may take from several days to 1-2 weeks.
Log in to your personal user account and click on the "Public services". Under "Popular services" you will see such items as "Fines" and "Verification of tax debts", clicking on which you will receive information on existing commitments. To see all the other fines and debts by name, navigate to "departments" and check the information in different state institutions.
Use of individual information resources of state institutions to learn the names of outstanding taxes and fines. All the links you will see below. For example, the outstanding traffic fines can be viewed on on taxes, on and bailiffs – At each of the sites you will be offered in addition to the name to enter the data from a particular personal document. Service information on the fines is free and provided instantly.
Find out from reference books ' all the necessary authorities in your city if you are not able to use this Internet or you do not wish to go through a long registration procedure on the website of public services. In accordance with the Russian legislation, public and budget institutions are obliged to inform citizens about their debt to the government. Need to visit companies personally or call the administration to request the necessary information. Be ready to provide on demand a passport or other document proving the identity.