You will need
  • Copper product
  • ammonia,
  • medium-grained nail file or fine sandpaper,
  • lid from a glass jar,
  • the cap from a bottle
  • saucer,
  • plastic or glass container.
To quickly wear out the copper, you need to handle it in a special way. Depending on the size of the product, you may need medium glass nail file or fine sandpaper. Treat new copper product with sandpaper or a nail file. If you treat the fittings for making jewelry, take a brush and apply the copper over the entire surface so that it looked scratched, but was not rough. If the hardware is rough, it will cling to clothes. If it is a large copper products, treat the entire surface equally. Most sand paper protruding, sharp places, as well as deepen and fine details. However, try not to leave a completely raw sandpaper.
Further, in order to quickly wear out the copper, it is necessary to achieve oxidation. In order to oxidize the copper items, you'll need ammonia. In its pure form does not occur, but you can always buy ammonia that is the ammonia in the water. Buy ammonia at any pharmacy. Next, you need to find a plastic or glass container, comparable to the size of the processed copper products. Take this container and put (deliver) there is a copper item that you wish to wear out. Take the cap from the bottle, if you want to put accessories or other small copper objects, and pour ammonia. If you process larger product, take a saucer or the lid from a small glass jar, and pour ammonia over there. Put the cap or container with ammonia in the same container, where it lies, or copper ware. Tightly close the lid and wait. After a while you will see that the copper has been darkened and no longer looks new.