You will need
  • The crucible
  • Tongs, crucible
  • Muffle furnace
  • Charcoal
  • Horn
  • Household vacuum cleaner
  • Hook made of steel wire
  • Form
In the crucible put the pieces of metal. Put the crucible in muffle furnace. Set the heat control to the desired position. To observe the melting of metal in a box furnace, which is on the door. In the course of melting on the surface of the metal oxide film is formed.
Upon reaching the desired temperature and melting the metal, open the door, grasp the crucible with tongs. Oxide film, slide to the side with a hook from steel wire. Pour the melt into the previously prepared form. If a muffle furnace with sufficient capacity, it can help to melt any of the copper alloys and proper red copper.
If there is a muffle furnace, you can melt copper with a blowtorch, directing the flame from the bottom of the crucible up. The melting will occur with good air access. To protect the metal from rapid oxidation, it is recommended to sprinkle the surface with a layer of crushed charcoal.
Yellow copper (brass) and fusible varieties of bronze can be melted with a blowtorch. The principle of melting is the same as when using the blowtorch. The flame should cover the crucible.
If no blowtorch or blowtorch, you can use a simple mountain. In this case, set the crucible on a layer of charcoal. To increase the temperature of coal combustion apply the forced injection into the combustion zone air. For this approach household vacuum cleaner working on blowing. Hose vacuum cleaner must have a metal tip. Hole tip it is possible to make narrower for more of a thin jet of air.