You will need
  • Darkening with eggs:
  • - the egg;
  • - plastic container with lid (the type of container to freeze);
  • thin fishing line (string or rope).
  • Blackening iodine:
  • - iodine;
  • - toothpaste;
  • woolen cloth.
  • Blackening sulfuric ointment:
  • - 30-33% of pharmacy sulfur ointment;
  • - hair dryer;
  • grinding emery cloth for silver.
Blackening silver with eggs. Good clean silver ware. Then remove any contamination. Hard boil the egg, cool and cut in half (not necessary to brush). One egg is enough for 3-4 blackening products. Put the halves of eggs into the container. Nonsite (hang) on the line or thread, silver ware, place in a container and tightly close it with a lid. The first result of blackening will be visible after 20-30 minutes. For uniform coverage from time to time turn the piece. After 3-4 hours on the silver forms a stable black-brown coating. This way you can blacken the water, they do not darken and fade.
The blackening of silver with iodine. Silver product clean from fingerprints and dirt and a good cotton swab or swab RUB it with iodine. Then allow the silver to dry, preferably in the sun. When the product will darken and completely dry, grab toothpaste, squeeze some on a wool cloth and start to wipe the silver. Toothpaste replace abrasive tool, and where products have convexity, the silver glistens, and the basins will remain black. Then thoroughly rinse the product and dry with a clean cloth. The procedure can be repeated to obtain the desired color. This method of blackening is suitable for corrugated products and is suitable for flat rings and earrings.
Blackening silver with sulfuric ointment. Carefully RUB the silver product of sulfuric ointment. Turn on the hair dryer and heat the composition to a flowable state. When he drops will be passing through metal, let's see what the color looked silver. It should be uniform purple-black color. The Hairdryer shut off, silver ware wash with soap and water and dry. If necessary, the blackening process can be repeated. To emphasize the relief of the jewelry, Polish the product with a brush or abrasive cloth.