You will need
  • soldering
  • - tin
  • schema
  • - screwdriver set
  • indicator check the voltage
If the receiver is not turn on, check whether the supply voltage, the fuses are OK, protective diodes, sensors, and stabilizer. When you identify a defective item, repair or replace it.
If on a removable panel of the audio device does not light, check the bulb and continuity of their power, reliability connections directly to the removable connector element and eliminate the malfunction.
When in all modes, no sound is emitted possible reason for failure may be the fault of the chip. First check the voltage at the output of the audio signal in other parts of the circuit. If the voltage comes, but you don't hear sounds, you will need to solder the chip. Work produce special soldering iron very carefully and neatly. Look at the diagram posted in the user manual for the car.
At insufficiently high sensitivity AM tuner, check the band-pass filters, diode arrays and the presence signals to control the tuner modules. Precisely by establishing the nature of the malfunction, you can quickly fix the autoradio. At low sensitivity FM - tuner it is necessary to additionally check the serviceability of the elements of the output transistor and related circuits.
If I do not see the disks, the likely cause of the breakage can be a problem with the node switching of the audio signal or the node processing. But before you start to solder the chip, verify the integrity of the connector connection CD and radio, is the reliability of this connection.