This option is simple and expensive: get to the dealer, he tells us the code. Another thing is that for free he will not do this. In addition, for removing and installing the unit will also have to pay. For average cars such operation costs from 3000 rubles.
You can resort to alternative, cheaper method. Mounts on many cars are the same. Remove the top cover, Unscrew the upper screws. Remove the bottom cover and Unscrew the screws from the bottom.
Pull the radio up to the moment until we can see her serial number, without disconnecting the wire. The number is transcribed on paper. Do not forget to specify the radio model and its manufacturer.
On the Internet looking for a calculator specifically for our model of radio, focusing on the manufacturer of the recorder and its model. Now we enter into the calculator's serial number and the program computes us the code.
Now we just have to enter in the radio code is received, it will be possible again to enjoy your favorite music, sitting in the car. To search for a calculator on the Internet and performing procedures removing and installing the radio we got to leave only about 40 minutes. And I'm not talking about a few thousand rubles, which you can save if you use the second method.