You will need
  • notification;
  • - payment receipt;
  • Bank;
  • - cash;
  • - a plastic Bank card;
  • - Internet;
  • ATM.
When you receive a notification and filled two pay stubs check your personal data (f.and.about., INN, etc.) and details of regional tax inspection (details, address etc.). Check the correctness of the calculation and the final amount of vehicle tax. If notice and payment documents are filled out properly and you agree with the amount of the assessed taxes, cut the receipt along the lines of a sawn-off shotgun.
Contact the nearest the Bank that provides the service for the payment of the transport tax. Having paid at the cash counter, make sure you take the Bank employee one copy of the payment document and save it.
To pay vehicle tax can be ATM. Make the payment by cash or by Bank plastic card. On the monitor of the ATM will choose from the menu "PAYMENTS" (or "Regional payments") submenu "TAXES" (or "Regional taxes"). Dial the account number specified in the payment receipt.To pay tax through ATM and other method. If a payment slip is printed a bar code and an ATM equipped with a line of reading such a bar code, swipe the bar code of the receipt in the reading field of the ATM. In both cases, the ATM will issue a printout on perfect operations. Take the accounting document confirming the payment of the tax and save it.
If you are a user of online-office savings Bank, pay the tax for the carfrom the comfort of home. Login to your personal account, select from the menu "PAYMENTS" (or "Regional payments") submenu "TAXES" (or "Regional taxes"). Make the payment. If you have a home printer, make a printout of the completed transaction. The printout displays the stamp of the Bank. Save derived payment document.
If notification and payment receipt was not received during the year, please contact the tax office and find out whether the assessed tax for the car and was sent a notification. Do not pull, the lack of mailbox notifications and payment documents, shall not constitute grounds for non-payment of vehicle tax. The tax inspector saying that every taxpayer must be personally interested in the payment of taxes.