You will need
  • Receipt for payment.
To get started you will need a completed receipt with details of the sender and the receiver of taxes'payments, and amount. You can fill it yourself directly on the website of the security Council, passing along the specified bottom of the link, and print. In some cases, these payments accrues taxthe second service and sends already filled receipt by mail with a reminder of the due dates for payment. In addition, you can print out this receipt from "tax office") located at
Now select a convenient method of calculation. This can be done by offering to pay cash or card Sberbankand one of the nearest branches of Sberbank. Here you need to transfer money and receipt to the cashier-the operator in the window of reception of payments. An employee of the Bank will conduct the transaction and return you part of the receipt with a stamp or receipt, confirming payment.Another possibility would be the operation using the ATM. In this case, you can also withdraw funds from the card account. For this you will need to insert the card into the ATM, enter the pin code, select the "payments" section and then follow the instructions. If paying by cash, through an ATM, you will need to choose terminal, equipped with special devices for cash acceptance. The payment process differs from the calculation using the card only because you will need to insert money to pay the bill acceptor.There is another way of calculating taxes through the savings Bank - the clearing. Take advantage of the system Sberbankonline, if you have it activated. Here the calculation will be even easier. Just enter the details and amount of the payment and the money will be debited from your current account and transferred to the specified budget account automatically.
Check if you need a receipt of payment on account of repayment of taxdebts Oh. This can be done in the same "tax office", which was mentioned above. If the payment was successfully carried out through Sberbank, then you will see the lack of debt you paid the tax.