You will need
  • receipt for payment of tax
To pay the tax, you need to get a receipt, which will indicate its amount. Notice on payment of the transport taxand shall be sent to all owners by registered letter once a year. Because the tax on the vehicle payable to the regional budget, terms of payment and rates of taxare defined and regional legislation. Accordingly, in order to know the payment deadline, you need to look up the law called "On transport tax", adopted in the region where you are registered. In the General case, to pay tax on the vehicle must be no later than 30 days from the time you received notice.
It also happens that the terms of payment of taxand are, if not entirely out, and notification no. Does the blame for this situation, the post or the taxlike on – to find out for a long time. To avoid penalty, please contact the taxowou office at your place of residence with a request to get a receipt. If you want to save time on its debt payment taxs you can find on the Internet, on the website of the Federal taxroom service Entering the section "my account taxfor platelike" and entering your INN, you will receive all the necessary information. From there you can print out and receipt.
Received a receipt, check all details. If everything is correct, you only have to pay for it. This can be done in several ways. First, come to the Bank and giving the receipt to the teller. Secondly, through the terminals where you pay utility bills (e.g., savings Bank). Thirdly, through the Internet by filling in payment order details needed (this method is possible if your Bank provides the service "Client-Bank").