You will need
  • - details on payment of taxes;
  • - a computer with Internet connection;
  • - program the Client-Bank;
  • - data on the rate of vehicle tax.
In accordance with the existing legislation Declaration on transport tax are required to file not later than February 1 of each year following the past tax year. The transport tax and the advance payment of transport tax shall be payable at the seat of the vehicle according to the order defined by law.
The payment order for transfer of funds on the taxation you can fill in several ways: by hand; with the help of a Bank employee; using accounting software; using a system Client-Bank. The most popular at the moment is the latest way for you to immediately send to the work completed payment.
In order to correctly fill out the payment order you need to know the amount of the payment and the recipient's details. Details, please contact the tax office or self after finding them on the website of the FTS of the Russian Federation (it is even more convenient because the data can be copied and thus to avoid possible errors when filling out forms).
Determination of the amount of tax required to payment that is based on data from technical data sheets and certificates on the state registration of the vehicle, whereas the engine power. If the owner of the vehicle has tax benefits, they should be taken into account when determining the required payment amount.
Knowing the details and the amount of tax, you can go to the Bank-client and choose the option of formation of the payment order, first filling the box payment purpose (the transport tax and the period for which you name it). Then fill in the payment amount and recipient's details, carefully checking the data, add all the required data about yourself as a payer of the transport tax.
The final step is a thorough check of all data entered, verification of the generated document by digital signature and send it for processing to the Bank.