Why ionization?

The main advantage of hair dryer with ionisation function is a positive effect on hair have negatively charged ions. By themselves they do not repair damaged hair, but softens the negative impact of warm and hot air, which can significantly reduce the harm from regular drying and styling.

Ionizer hair dryer protects the hair from dryness and dehydration. When you use a dryer with this feature, the hair loses much less moisture. Ions make the water on the surface in small droplets, which are absorbed into hair much faster. The ionization allows to keep the moisture level at a normal or natural level. By the way, the problem of oily hair can occur due to regular drying. The body starts to produce sebum in large numbers, trying to remove the effects of degreasing and drying. Therefore, the use of a hair dryer with ionization can help with this problem.

The function of ionization makes life easier

Ionization is a good fight with static electricity, restoring the electric power balance of the strands. It neutralizes particles with a positive charge that make the hair fluffy and tousled. That is why the hair dryer with ionisation function it makes sense to buy those whose hair strongly pushatsya and confused.

The problem of fluffy hair is particularly apparent in winter, when too dry, the hair is constantly in contact with the cap and clothes. So in the cold season, it makes sense to pay special attention to the hair dryers with ionization. This feature, incidentally, reduces the rate of contamination of hair after regular gentle drying they no longer attract a variety of dirt and dust that allows them to be washed much less frequently.

Ionization constant use makes the hair more shiny and smooth. Negative ions smooth the cuticle, in the end, the outer surface of the hair is smoothed, they begin to reflect light, and getting a healthy characteristic luster. You need to consider that these processes take time, so do not expect the manifestation of all the positive changes after the first drying.

Buy an ionic Hairdryer from a reputable manufacturer with a good reputation. It is best to buy a professional hair dryer of this type. Of course, it will be more expensive than a normal household, but it is a long-term investment that will bring you many benefits.