You will need
  • - capacity for melting plastic;
  • - soldering iron or soldering station;
  • - gas burner;
  • - industrial dryer;
  • - welding gun.
Before you start melting the plastic, try it out with a small piece. Not every type of plastic is susceptible to melting under normal conditions, so it is advisable to find out during the experience. A piece of material to grab with forceps or tweezers and hold it close to the open flame of a candle or gas burner. Heated plastic will either melt slowly or immediately begin to burn in the open air.
Making sure that plastic can be melted, chop the source material and place it in a metal container, for example, in a tin can. For the safety of the melting material, a container of shredded plastic insert in another bowl with large size. Fill it with water and put the whole construction on fire or stove, making a kind of water bath. This method is suitable for processing plastic with a low melting point.
To melt small pieces of plastic, use the heated tip of a soldering iron or a gas torch. If possible, use a soldering station with a built-in adjustment of heating temperature of the tip. Need to pick up the melting temperature on the basis of the experiment. Too high temperature may cause ignition of the material or make the plastic brittle.
For melting plastic with high strength use the welding gun or heat gun. The working procedure of welding gun is indicated in the technical documentation. Set includes filler materials for welding different types of plastic and plastic, for example, to fuse the seams of the connected products.
When processing plastic of high temperatures observe precaution. Preferably all procedures are done in the open air to avoid poisoning with burning products. Avoid contact of the melt on the exposed parts of the body and clothing to prevent burns and damage tissue.