Advice 1: What does the statue of fish for Feng Shui

Home improvement through Feng Shui involves not only proper placement of furniture and the particular choice of colors, but also the use of special figurines, including in the form of fish. These additional decorations are used to enhance energy and help to bring the house good fortune, wealth, happiness.
What does the statue of fish for Feng Shui

That symbolize the statues of fish

Fish in Feng Shui typically mean wealth and fulfillment of desires. It's easy to remember if you mentally associate this statue with the image of a Gold Fish, and catch, bringing money.
It is worth considering that this statue, unlike some others, does not usually have amazing luck, can quickly make a person rich baseflows. But it helps those who are willing to work.

There are different designs of figurines in the form of fish, and each of them has its own value. The same principle applies when you create figurines of animals. For example, the carp signifies perseverance, dedication, ability to overcome any obstacles just as this fish overcomes rocks and rapids, stubbornly moving against the current. Also the statue of a carp means good luck, spiritual achievements and wisdom. Two carp will symbolize the harmony of love, a good family business, happiness in the house. If they are going to be nine, it will be a symbol of prosperity, wealth, generosity.

One of the most striking and important elements of interior design according to Feng Shui, is the Arowana, also known as a Fish-Dragon. In the wild it is extremely rare and is extremely expensive. Statuette of a fish, means great wealth. It is like a magnet that attracts money in the house, though the more he tries to operate employees, the more successful are his deeds with the help of this figurine. However, you need to be careful: even the number of Arowana in the house symbolizes the strife and problems because of money.

How to choose the statue-fish and where to install it

Because fish in Feng Shui are used to activate and amplify the energy of water, are recommended in the Northern part of the house because the water element associated with this direction. In this case, the fish will denote career growth, good ideas, good initiatives and new opportunities.
It is also recommended to place figurines in the South-Eastern part of the house, because there is a zone of wealth. Established fish symbolize good luck in monetary Affairs, financial well-being.

If you want to bring into your home happiness and harmony and also get some support in money matters, choose a statue of a carp. Set in the South-Eastern part of the house, because it will symbolize the ability to wisely manage money, capital accumulation, material well-being. To obtain a large amount of money is better to choose Arowana. This statue should be installed in the Northern zone.

Advice 2 : What does the statue of an elephant

The elephant is one of the most revered animals. His figurines and images associated with insight, patience, wisdom. Moreover, in some countries it is the animal even became a symbol of Royal power.
What does the statue of an elephant

Figurine of an elephant: superstitions and symbols

According to Feng Shui, a statue of an elephant – one of the best home decorations. It means first and foremost reliability and stability in family relationships and in business. Moreover, it is believed that this animal due to its trunk can "draw" happiness, joy, prosperity and good fortune in the house where it is located.
It is important that the trunk was facing the street, because in this case, the statuette will be the most effective.

Also the statuette in the form of an elephant symbolizes longevity and good health. These animals also die at the average age of 80-100 years, though often it is not due to old age, and due to the fact that the elephant is losing teeth and can't chew food. If you want to live long and wisely, this figurine will be a wonderful symbol for you.

This decoration denotes power, intelligence and almost divine power. Statue of an elephant often becomes so powerful talisman that childless women bring her into his home, believing that their fertility will end and they will be able to conceive a baby.

Statue of an elephant often represents victory over death and the purification of the soul. This animal appears in many religious legends, though it is always associated with longevity, strength, power, patience, and kindness. According to ancient myths, swimming, elephants purified their souls. The same purification they can bring into the house, where established depicting their statuette.

How to use a statue of an elephant

It is best to put the decoration on the window sill. In this case, it will symbolize the invitation of good luck and happiness in your home and protect it from negative impacts. By the way, the Jumbo is perfectly suited to neutralize the negative energy associated with the angles. If you can't cut corners with special construction and finishing materials, simply place the elephants, and they smooth out the negative energy.
The best option is to install the statue in the South-East or North-West corner of the room. In this case, it will symbolize the tutelage of powerful, influential people and the power of the head of the house.

Placing in the apartment the statue of an elephant, you can reinforce such values as power, goodness and wisdom, using special decorations. You can complement the figure with a chain of silver or gold that will be a very favorable sign.
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