You will need
  • - hair dryer,
  • round hair brush,
  • - Bobby pins-Curling iron.
Before the procedure of straightening, wash your hair and blot with a towel. When hair dries a bit, get them a plastic comb with a few teeth. For greater effect can be applied to wet hair the means for smoothing hair (conditioner, gel, mousse). RUB the tool between your palms and gently smooth with your hands the hair over the entire length. Not be amiss and the heat tool. It will save your hair from drying and brittleness after exposure to hot air.
Take a few pins in the form of tongs. Divide hair into equal strands and fixing them with Bobby pins so the hair is not waving during blow-drying. Then dismiss one strand and slide it under a large round brush. Turn on the Hairdryer and start to dry the hair, pulling them with a brush. Direct a jet of air downwards, in the course of hair growth. If you do the opposite, you will seriously injure the hair. It is not recommended to use much hot air and big air pressure for drying. To preserve the health of hair alternate modes of hot and cold drying. The complete procedure of straightening a stream of cold air. Straight single strand, go on to the next. Optimal results you will achieve when the hair are damp, but not wet.
To fix the hair in straightened condition maybe a special spray or varnish. Spray varnish from a distance, so that the strands do not become heavy and sticky. Your hair will be smooth and straight until the next washing of the hair. To curls again curled, avoid wetting the hair. Premises with high humidity and wet weather can ruin all your efforts. Therefore, straighten hair in dry weather and on those days when you don't plan to visit a water Park and other water places. For straightening very curly hair use a ceramic flat iron.