You will need
  • - Means for hair styling.
Wet chemistry creates the effect of smooth curls, hair looks healthy and beautiful. Doing wet chemistry in the salons, using special means for Curling and small curlers. This wave lasts up to three months. If long-term chemistry does not suit you, you can make the effect of wet chemistry independently at home.
To achieve the desired result easier for those who have medium hair length and thickness. On wet strands, apply gel or mousse with wet hair. Comb, a comb with large teeth. Get individual curls that can shape the way you want. This method is ideal for curly hair.
If you have short hair, you will need a minimum time for styling. On clean wet hair apply a little styling. Apply also on hand. With your fingers separate the curl a little and tighten it. So do with all the hair. Then I squeeze the curls into a fist and release. The temporal part and bangs can also spin and can flatten.
Hardest thing to have girls with long, straight hair. There are several ways of styling such hair. On clean hair, apply gel or mousse. Divide them into strands. From each strand, make a little bundle and secure with rubber band. Or do the wires from each strand and also secure. Wait 40-60 minutes. Then the hair will dissolve a little and shake hands. Dry hair with a hair dryer.
Wet hair slightly towel dry and apply a styling. Put your head down. Hand tighten and do this with your hair. Do so to obtain the desired result. This way the longest, but the result is the best.
And the easiest way to obtain the effect of wet chemistry is to apply to wet hair gel and dry with a Hairdryer with a diffuser.