You will need
  • Internet access
To remember the password from the mail you can by answering the secret question, which you specified during the registration box. You can do this thus: on the home page in "your" mail agent find a link "Forgot password?" (or something like that), which will be a link (it is located next to the password). You just have to go for it.
When you open a new page system you will have to confirm the email address. After confirming the correctness of his writing you will see that the hidden question, the answer to which will allow you to access an electronic mailbox.
Another way, which will allow you to learn the password from the "box" - the appeal for help in technical support, which are in each mail system. To do this you need to fill out a form for appeals, find that you can on the main page of PS. In the letter you should indicate your personal data (name, surname, gender, date of birth), location (region, city) and information about the mailbox (the approximate date of registration and the last visit, used Internet service provider, ip address, approximate password , etc.). From additional questions in the form can occur following: when was the last time you changed your registration data, restored if the password or the like. Data in fields of the form fill out correctly - only in this case, support will help you to recover a lost password.
A password on your mailbox, you can also learn the right putting another current email address (if available) or by entering a valid mobile number that you mentioned at check-in match will receive a text message with the recovered password).