You will need
  • - hunting weapons;
  • - reflex sight;
  • paper target;
  • vise.
Refer to principle of operation and device collimator sight. It is an optical system consisting of prisms with the brand (ring and dot), which is projected onto translucent glass. The hunter observes the target through the glass; the point is designed for aiming weapons at a stationary target, and the ring allows you to choose the right pre-emption when shooting at a moving target. This design gives the arrow the ability to quickly take the correct pre-emption and reliably to hit the target.
Getting to the sighting collimator sight, keep in mind that the greatest efficiency it has when shooting buckshot at a distance of 35 to 45 m and for precision rifle shooting at long distances such a sighting device may be totally unusable. Zeroing of the sight consists of two manufacturing operations and includes the installation of the sight on the weapon and the actual sighting.
Secure the base of the bracket of the sight on the weapon, paying attention to the tightness of the screws and trying to ensure a tight installation. Density mounting of the sight is required to resolve the capturing device when shooting and when removing and installing the sight in case of transporting weapons.
Setting the scope, secure the rifle in a vise, equipped with soft plates in the region of the jaws. Move your open sight aiming point attached at a distance of 100 m. as the sighting the target, use is made of a black paper circle with a diameter of 50 mm.
Now, looking at the reflex sight, select the centre mark on the aiming point. Use for the installation of flywheels side and remote adjustments. After some time, disconnect the sight and install it again, thereby verifying the absence of the churning of the established scope. The final stage involves shooting and following the final amendment of the location of the aiming mark.