Run COP with the key "E" on the keyboard, or via a custom shortcut. As soon as the console in her field, you can enter commands. Team vid_config_x 800 sets the screen resolution horizontally, vid_config_y 600 — sets the resolution of the screen vertically. Enter these commands and press enter on the keyboard. Restart the game and check the result. In this situation, can also help command _vid_default_mode 0, which sets the video mode by default. Enter commands carefully, as improper use can harm the operating system of the personal computer.
You can solve the problem with the wrong screen resolution, adding to the shortcut properties of the game the following line: -w 800-h 600 -32bpp -full-gl. This parameter sets the resolution of the screen is at a height of 600 pixels in width and 800. To change the screen resolution through the Windows registry, open the path HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Valve\Half-Life\Settings and podredaktirovat settings ScreenHeight and ScreenWidth. Change the display mode in decimal form, and then set the desired screen resolution.
All these methods will help you restore the health of the game if it is lost due to incorrect installations of the screen. On the Internet you can find a complete list of commands that are applicable to the game in console mode. Almost all of the game setup can be done via the console. If you do not, that is, commands do not work, then you need to completely reinstall the game, since it could be various failures, which now does not let you play in full mode. Download from the new installation files. Be sure to check their antivirus software.