You will need
  • drawing tools, paper (you may use graph paper), eraser.
Decide what should be built in your area. You need to make a list of objects, specify their desired parameters, and specify the distance to the fence or buildings neighbors. After compiling a list of such objects it is necessary to know what sanitary standards must conform to the construction of each object.
Form of construction (or cut them out of paper) in scale 1:500 or 1:20000. The size depends on what plan you take. Because there are several plans with the display of plot (situation, reference and General), will have to take care of the alignment features of the communication and relief.
Decide how you will built on your site. To do this, pay attention to the terrain, communication and the ability to position objects at a distance from each other. In the first place, the large footprint objects. In their location keep in mind the biases and failures. In parallel with the arrangement of the buildings the drawing up of the arboretum plan as well as plan improvements with additional elements.
Fix the location of the objects in the order you want. If you wish to change something, you can use the option of moving the contour of buildings and landscaping elements. Only after the approval of facilities is to fix them by moving them using the drawing tool on paper.