Your desire to get rid of alcoholism must be based on the fact that you are doing it primarily for yourself. Let this motivation and looks selfish, but it is correct. If you tie with alcohol solely for the sake of someone, even the closest people, it is likely that there will be relapses. But when you want to quit drinking for yourself, you will feed a huge inner desire to really do that.
A great helper in the fight against drinking is a sport. Regular exercise helps to get rid of any kind of stress, including accompanying refusal of alcohol. Purchase a subscription to the nearest gym and after a few sessions you will feel a pleasant relaxation and satisfaction through enhanced production of endorphins.
Create for yourself a reward system. For example, reward yourself with something a whole month of sobriety. Then set yourself a new goal – not to drink for 3 months. After each goal is achieved, more prolong and significance of awards.
Drunkenness is sure to accompany the communication process only in those companies which are going to drink. Not to be subject once again to the temptation, get yourself another company, which includes people who prefer a sober lifestyle. If you can't find such people in your town, look for like-minded people on the Internet. For example, communities of non-drinkers in social networks.
Invaluable assistance in the struggle with alcoholism ready to help people who themselves passed through a similar. Begin to attend alcoholics anonymous, where you will support.
Try folk remedies that reduce the craving for alcohol. For example, brew a Cup of boiling water 1 tablespoon of dry herb consisting of equal parts of wormwood and centaury. Drink 1 tablespoon of infusion before each meal.