In the struggle with bad habits the important thing is meaningful is a strong desire to protect themselves from addiction and save your health, family and work. And this requires willpower, patience, self-esteem and faith in himself. Explain all this drinking man and help him to understand. Convince him that booze will not lead to anything good. And with that, he not only will lose their health and job, but also friends and relatives. Every day repeat to him that he is strong, you believe in him and help to deal with it. Then he certainly will succeed.
Ask him to avoid drinking alcohol and to do what he likes. It can be any sport, fishing, trips to the woods camping or some interesting Hobbies.
First and foremost, try to understand why people drink. Reasons for this may be too much. People come to drink, some because of life's setbacks, loss of friends and relatives, others – because of the weakness of his character. In some cases, drinking can be influenced by beliefs. But remember the most important thing: drinking human never to cure, if he does not want to.
Convince him that alcoholism is a disease, but it can be handled. From drinking to heal difficult, because very rarely the man himself is aware of the impending trouble. But alcoholism can be stopped if to force the patient to give up alcohol. To do this, help him to admit to himself in the disease and is not attracted by thoughts of strong will and force him to accept help because the disease will be resisted.
The desire to drink alcohol is associated with potassium deficiency in the body. Honey is a great source of this trace element. He turns away from alcohol and successfully sober after a hangover.