To attempt to get out of the binge at home without the help of doctors best with the participation of relatives, because the man himself hasn't become aware of their actions. To deal with the hangover, he again begins to drink alcohol, which can lead to devastating consequences. In the first place the relatives to remove the patient all the alcohol, and the man himself put on a soft surface on his side. While drunk, he'll fall asleep soon.
Let the man sleep. After waking up he could feel a strong headache, nausea, thirst, General weakness and depression. Give him one or two glasses of lukewarm salty mineral water without gas, it will reduce nausea and thirst. Please note that, despite the long sleep, a person can be drunk, incoherent to speak and even try to threaten other people trying to find alcohol. Don't start a scandal and not to go to blows. Calmly ask the patient to calm down and explain that you want to help.
If a person has severe alcohol poisoning in the form of fever and vomiting, it is still possible to deduce from hard drinking at home without the help of doctors. Make him drink 0,5-1 liter of boiled water with dissolved two tablets Furatsilina. Then he should wash out the stomach, causing vomiting. Then give the patient activated charcoal is one tablet per 10 kg of his weight. To relieve headache and fever will help the aspirin or other analgesic.
Put the person on a couch or bed and ask to sleep or to lie in for hours. Do not leave it unattended until, until he starts to behave as usual. Rather, the bouts of alcohol poisoning and the desire to be sober yet not pass completely. Give the patient a little low-fat chicken broth or hot and sweet black tea. This should help to establish the digestive system faster and excrete the remnants of alcohol. Take more fluid, better mineral water.
As soon as the patient gets better, it is possible to fresh air. 30-60 minutes of slow walking and low physical activity it needs to feel much better due to the work of the heart muscle and lungs. For the next two days, he must continue to eat right, to take more liquid and in any case not to use even mild alcoholic drinks.