Advice 1: How to get out of the binge

Happy holidays and the body is in ruins after a prolonged alcoholic attack, what to do? To restore power, the body, the ability to think and walk. Just need to get together and start to act.
How to get out of the binge

At first You will be slow and weak, but soon Your body will start to return to normal. Most importantly, decide for yourself that the holidays are over and soon to work. You need to understand that the body is poisoned by alcohol and it should be treated, otherwise the situation threatens to worsen.

The first rule that we must firmly carry out, to go out binge - you need to stop to consume any alcoholic beverages. The fact that the possible effect which the people were definitely nicknamed the "old yeast" of the binge and You will automatically begin to emerge only tomorrow when seriously will belong to the first item on the program.

In the second phase you need to evaluate loss. The situations are so dire that without a dropper with glucose not do. However, as a rule, to help those less drastic means. These include:

  • hot shower;

  • high-calorie food;

  • brines of different colors;

  • exercise.

Hot shower, steam room light and better help to return the blood vessels to tone and get rid of the alcohol residues through perspiration. However, if You have a weak heart, this method is not recommended, however, as to drinking in principle.

High-calorie food, valid knitting. Fats envelop the alcohol and help your body deal with its overabundance. Then it all druzhnenko excreted from the body in a natural way.

Brines is generally a classic remedy against hangover. The thing is, salty fluids prevent dehydration in the body, which causes the alcohol.

Physical activity also helps to cope with the problem of withdrawal of the remnants of alcohol from the body. Note that the spirits leave the body through the lungs and therefore shortness of breath during physical activities is good.

So gradually You will be free from the power of alcohol and will go back to normal life. It is very important not to start drinking the day after full recovery, the whole effect goes down the drain.


Advice 2 : How to binge without the knowledge of the patient

For the withdrawal of the binge , there are various methods, but the most important here is another point. The moment in which the desire to help a close person is contrary to the legal side.
How to binge without the knowledge of the patient
You will need
  • The desire to help.
Can I withdraw a person from binge without his knowledge? If we consider this question from the point of view of jurisprudence, then no. As the legislation of the Russian Federation articulates its relation to treatment without consent is impossible. However, there is a small caveat – only in the case when the patient does not pose a threat to others or himself.
And as far as suffering from alcoholism person can be a danger to society – he knows each of us.
If the question of removing from the binge without the knowledge of the patient viewed from the point of view of his loved ones, family or friends, we will see an enviable unanimity of opinion: "it is possible, and even necessary!" Indeed, the suffering from drinking man, terrible. It is not surprising that loved ones want to save a dear person from alcohol bondage. And dialing phone service for withdrawal from binge at home, they hope the doctor will be able to undertake the necessary procedures and without the consent of the patient.
In fact, if the doctor will go for assistance without the knowledge of the patient, it will be the clearest signal that this doctor is just a charlatan who violate medical ethics. Today in addiction various methods have been developed for the removal of a person from binge. This different medication, and a popular method of cleansing the body with the help of dropper, and even the method of blowing of blood. Each of these methods has its merits, but to determine which one is best suited for a particular patient can be a doctor. Because the drip with the necessary preparation is only half the story. The main thing is to determine the dosage and accurately monitor the body's response to drug administration.
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