Decide whether your child citizenship. A newborn can do without him, and citizenship will take up to fourteen years. However, if you are planning a holiday abroad with a baby, he'll need citizenship for leaving the country. Also the citizenship necessary to obtain the certificate on the parent capital. Therefore it is better to place it immediately. In addition, it will be required for obtaining a passport – when your child turns fourteen years old.
The first document that you will need to provide a certificate of birth of the child. It is valid for one month after birth. This document describes when and where your child was born, what gender it is, who delivered a baby. To formalize the birth certificate, be sure to present this certificate at the registry office.
Now head to the registry office of your residence. Here you need to obtain a birth certificate for your child. Please note that to apply for a certificate need not later than one month after birth. In the registry office you will need the following documents:

- the document that is the basis for the state registration of birth of child (birth certificate or statement from a person present at the birth if the birth took place not in a medical institution);

- passports of parents (in a single – parent family mother only);

- marriage certificate (if present).
Since 2007, the citizenship for the newborn as simple as possible. You only need to contact the district office of the FMS. You will need the parents ' passports and the birth certificate of the child. Immediately on the day of treatment you will put a stamp of nationality on the back side of the birth certificate.
Note – previously, for registration of citizenship need to obtain a separate document, a so – called liner. Now stamp on citizenship put to the witness, but the earlier liners is valid.