You will need
  • - Copies of passports of parents;
  • - copy of birth certificate of the child;
  • - excerpt from the book.
In accordance with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 1325 dated 14.11.2002 of the year, every child under the age of 14 years, was supposed to give out the liner on citizenship in addition to the birth certificate. The liner proved the identity of the child as a citizen of Russia, which allowed parents to freely take the baby abroad. The liner was issued on written application from parents. To obtain this document had to be submitted to the regional migration authorities the following documents: an extract from the house register, the birth certificate of the child and its copy, copy of passports of parents. The liner gave out literally within 2-3 days.
How to obtain <strong>insert</strong> <b>citizenship</b> <em>child</em>
However, on the need to have a liner on child knew not all parents. And often there were situations when travel abroad frustrated due to the fact that the child is not issued a leaflet on citizenship. So in February 2007 adopted a relevant Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation about cancellation of the issuance sackher and replace them with the stamp of nationality. Print that I put there, the migration service, on the back of the birth certificate.
According to the Order of FMS of the Russian Federation No. 68 of 19 March 2008, parents of child, born in the Russian Federation and is a citizen of Russia by birth, by migration service employees are required to certify this fact on the first request. Certify the staff of the FMS of Russia is by affixing such stamp. To obtain a mark about citizenship of the child can be either at the place of residence of the parents, or the place of birth of the childor at the place of actual residence of the family.
How to obtain <strong>insert</strong> <b>citizenship</b> <em>child</em>
Parents of those children who still have the liner on citizenship must replace it with the corresponding stamp in the birth certificate. But you need to do it just for the childwho has not reached 14 years of age.