You will need
  • - passports of parents or one of them;
  • - birth certificate of the child;
  • - visit to the passport office.
Contact the passport office at the place of residence of the child or of his parents to which you intend to register, if the register at the place of residence of the newborn. If the parents of the newborn are registered at the same address, you need to visit any of them with your passport. Depending on the region, the passport office may be located in the engineering service in your area, or another similar to the old Zhekov. In many regions this can also turn into a multifunctional centre (MFC) for the provision of public services, as, for example, in some areas of Moscow, only in the DCP of the area.
Ask to visit the passport of the other parent, if you prescribe a newborn, and are registered at different addresses. He will need to show your passport and give a written consent to registration, which must assure the Director of engineering services or equivalent.
Give the passport a set of documents.
Come for the documents in the mentioned period, then visit the passport office, where they surrendered. Usually have to go in there in three days. Upon receipt, check that there in the birth certificate with a stamp on a child belonging to the citizenship of the Russian Federation.
Contact the passport office at the place of residence of a child if, for any reason, no liner or stamp on citizenship.
Inform the passport guy, you need to put a stamp on citizenship of the Russian Federation, present your passport, birth certificate of the child and, if necessary, other documents, for example, of obtaining citizenship.
In due time come to get a birth certificate with a stamp of citizenship of the child.