Most parents know that the child need to apply for citizenship only at the moment of going abroad. As a result, the trip has to be postponed, as the citizenship of the Russian Federation is information that are among the most important when you travel abroad. The need to design a certificate of citizenship to the child is no longer the case, if until they reach the age of 14 you do not plan any trips abroad. At the age of fourteen, receiving a passport, he will automatically receive and print, which will attest to the fact that he is a citizen of the Russian Federation.However, it is impossible to plan either their own life or the life of your child for 14 years, so you should think about citizenship immediately after birth. After all, the financial situation can change, and you can send a child to study abroad, or it can go to a contest in music to qualify for the victory in the competition, or the Olympics, etc. Will begin to issue a passport for him, and you have to deal with additional hassle. In any case, you will solve the problem of registration of residence, birth certificate and other documents, why not arrange and citizenship? Especially because today the procedure of obtaining citizenship much easier. By 2011, this process was amended as follows: now there is no need to issue ear on the nationality of those children who are under 14 years of age; the procedure is reduced to the stamp of the child's nationality in the passport of parents. To place citizenship, you will need to present their passports (originals and copies), as well as the birth certificate of the baby. In the passports of both parents stamped – this procedure now takes just a few minutes. It is also important to know that formerly decorated the ear of Russian citizenship shall be valid until such time as the child will get a passport.