You will need
  • - packaging;
  • - completed forms;
  • - the passport.
Buy in the nearest post office box to send the right size to safely pack all of your home, or put them directly in the mail — whichever you prefer. Don't forget to take all the necessary forms: special form for parcels with cash on delivery payment (f.117), mail order form cod (f.113) and two forms of inventory investments (f.107).
Put all the items that you are going to send in a prepared box. Keep between things does not remain voids, fill the spaces with Newspapers or purchase a roll of bubble wrap — you can buy in the hardware stores. Do not seal the box — this will make the post office after we check your attachments and certify the inventory.
Label on the box the address of the recipient and full name and their details. Don't forget to complete the column "Declared value" and "cash on delivery" — they are in the top right corner, above the address. The sum of these graphs should be as. The rubles are specified in words, and the penny digits.
Fill in the blank parcels — sample can be viewed here: Fields to be filled in by the sender, outlined with a bold line. Be sure to specify your passport data and put a personal signature confirming that you have read the rules, and your parcel is not a prohibited investment. Don't forget to fill the lower part of the parcel notice. The downside Blanca to be filled.
Complete the form of transfer of cod( To fill as it follows only the front side Blanca — the sample it passes through a gray bar. Do not mix — this time in the "to" you will need to provide their email coordinates or Bank details. Details of the person to whom you are sending the parcel, enter in the coupon at the bottom left blank in the columns "Addressed" and "name". Reverse Blanca you will need to fill in later when paid transfer come back to you.
Complete inventory ( in two copies — one copy, certified by the postal worker will be sent to the recipient with the package, the second will remain with you. If the name of the object you intend to submit does not fit in one line, you can take several lines. Do not forget to specify the overall result — number of sent items and their total value. The value must match the declared value (aka the amount of cod).
Pass box package and all completed forms postal employee. To check give your passport or other document proving your identity. Wait some time until the postal worker will do all the necessary marks, will seal up your package and calculate the cost of the shipment. Pay for the service and take back the passport, a copy of the inventory investment and the postal receipt (receipt).