Weigh the object that you want to send by mail, preferably already in Packed form, and record the exact (up to grams) weight. Have a zip code of the addressee of your mail and the nominal value of shipped goods (excluding shipping). The declared value of the items will need also to calculate in advance, as it depends on the cost of sending valuable parcels or packages.
Use the automatic rater for domestic or international (depending on where you're going to send a merchandise) shipments. You can find it on the official website of the Russian post in the section "services". To obtain the first necessary for our calculations the amount, select the rater the type of departure (a valuable parcel or parcel), as well as enter the postcode of destination weight of the shipment and its value.
Add to obtained by rater the amount of 18%. In that case, if you pay by sending in cash and not stamps (it happens almost always), in addition to the cost according to the tariffs charged VAT. This applies equally to both shipping cost and insurance fee which is also calculated in the automatic rater.
Note also two more items of expenditure that you will encounter when sending valuable parcels or parcel. The first pay check of the attachment according to the inventory, the value of which varies only depending on the region, one city will always be the same. Secondly, the cost of packaging, which is likely you will be buying in the same post office from which you sent the parcel or the parcel. In aggregate all these values and give the total cost of the postage, which must be added to the nominal cost of goods and include cash on delivery, if the shipment is at the buyer's expense.