Advice 1: Than to dilute thickened nail Polish

Favorite nail thickens, but the ability to purchase dye nails exactly the same color. What should I do? Dilute thickened nail Polish is the only possible in this case, the way to return it to its original condition. And it's real! So, take note of a few tips on how and what to dilute.
Than to dilute thickened nail Polish

Why is the lacquer thickens and how to deal with it?

No matter how good and quality no matter your nail Polish, much money for him or would be paid, sooner or later it will begin to thicken and come into disrepair. The reason is that the bottle begins to evaporate the liquid part of the varnish. In fact, quality means different from simple and cheap in the first place so that it slowly thickens.
A period of relative stability varnishes can be different: some brands have already set in 1-1,5 months, while others remain liquid for a long time – up to 4-6 months.

There are various options for diluting the thickened varnish. But you can try to slow down this process in order not to resort to such ways. It is necessary to store the jars with paints in a cool and dark place. They can also be stored in the refrigerator.

Well, if the bottle of lacquer contains metal balls. Periodic shaking these balls is able to break the clots resulting from the storage of decorative lacquer. So, you will be able to keep it in liquid state.

How to rehabilitate thickened nail Polish?

But what if the varnish is thickens? What you can breed? Alternatively, you can use a special liquid for diluting the varnish. It can be purchased at any beauty salon. The only disadvantage of this tool is that the life of such diluent is not more than one month. After this time the lacquer will again thicken.
To dilute the dye nails, just add a few drops of diluent into the vial with a varnish, and then a good shake.

There are other options of how to dilute thickened nail Polish. There is one old method that was popular in Soviet times. He is to add to the vial a little acetone.

Thanks to this Polish really becomes suitable for manicure, but the resulting texture may harm your nail plate: after applying a decorative coating, the nail will begin to turn yellow, flake, much to deteriorate. In addition, diluted this way, the thickened nail will have a nonuniform, rough structure and will not last long on your nails.

Regular liquid nail Polish remover, even if it has no acetone, is not a good choice in order to dilute the dye nails. Because the action of a liquid seeks only to destroy its structure. It is therefore not necessary to experiment with the acetone or nail Polish remover.

Advice 2: Than to dissolve the nail Polish

Dried or even hardened nail Polish is very common. This nail Polish is thick, dense and viscous. It covers the nail unevenly, leaving streaks. It is very sad when the varnish is still a lot, and nice to paint his nails does not work.
Nail Polish
You will need
  • Nail Polish, liquid nail Polish remover, acetone.
In the composition of the varnish includes a special liquid that vaporizes at every loosening of the cover. Because of this even the highest quality nail eventually thickens. Decorative coatings of different companies a period of stability in different ways: some lucky set a month and a half, while others retain the perfect consistency for about 4-6 months.
If the jar of varnish there are special metal balls, shaking them periodically helps to maintain liquid consistency. Balls is able to break up clots that are formed during prolonged storage of nail Polish.
For dilution of nail Polish, there is a special liquid. Her producing firms specializing in professional cosmetics for nails and hands. Use liquid very simple, just add a couple of drops in a bottle with a varnish, seal the lid and shake. This extender extends the life of thickened nail Polish for one month. After that, the process of thickening is resumed. If you re-add the solvent, the structure of the lacquer will change and it will be impossible to use.
Of course, the nail Polish can be thinned with acetone or nail varnish. But keep in mind that almost immediately, the nail changes because of this its structure. Already after a couple days it will become uneven, and when applied will strongly pull away from the nail plate. This is due to the fact that the liquid varnish remover contains substances that destroy the paint. Therefore, this method of cultivation of the lacquer is suitable only if you want to do a manicure with color coating, as of varnish in not available.
Remember, if you dilute the paint with acetone, the lacquer will cease to be bright and saturated. Therefore do not dilute the varnish with too many substances. And as a result of prolonged use of nail Polish diluted with acetone, be prepared for this consequence as yellowing of the nails, brittleness, delamination and the slowdown of the nail plate, loss of natural Shine of the nail surface.
To increase the life of the nail Polish store it in the refrigerator or in a dark drawer. It is important to remove nail Polish away from direct sunlight. Do not place the bottle near a radiator or other heating devices. At high temperature the liquid out of the varnish evaporates faster and the varnish soon dries up. Keep the varnish in a vertical position. If the bottle lies, varnish in it constantly flows back and forth. After use, carefully tighten the lid of the varnish.
Special liquid for diluting the varnish include acetone solvent.
Useful advice
Buy nail Polish in a small bottle. He will not have time to thicken, as it will end quickly.
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