Special tools

The best way to dilute thickened nail Polish is the use of special fluids, which are called "reducers lacquer". Such mixtures are convenient to use and they can be used to achieve the desired effect in a few minutes.

All the means for dilution of the varnish are equipped with special dispensers and contain detailed instructions for use. Usually to make the nail Polish the right consistency, you need only a few drops of thinner. The main feature of this method is that there are likely to spoil the varnish.
Please note that when using the method with hot water, do not use boiling water. Otherwise, the glass bottle may explode.

People's ways

If you do not have on hand special equipment for dilution of varnish, you can use several popular techniques. For example, lower the bottle with dried paint in hot water for a few minutes. Then shake the mixture and evaluate the results. The heating procedure can be repeated until the desired result. The disadvantage of this method lies in the short-term effect. After a while the vehicle again thick and before using it again have to use hot water.

To dilute the nail Polish you can use alcohol or acetone. A few drops of one of the substances is added to the vial, and then shaken until complete mixing. The disadvantage of this method lies in the possible change in the consistency of varnish. Dark skin to brighten, and the light become pale.
When buying nail Polish to give preference to vehicles with metal balls inside the bottle. Such coatings are less prone to drying.

Expert advice

It should be noted that experts do not recommend to dilute thickened nail Polish. This is especially true of traditional methods with acetone, nail Polish remover and alcohol. Such substances prolonged and regular contact with the nail plate harm them. The nails can become weaker, to appear the peeling and breakage. To get involved in the experiments returns the varnish the desired consistency is not necessary.

A distinctive feature of professional tools for the restoration of lacquer – contains no acetone. Therefore, the dilution of varnish, you will not only change its consistency, but does not change the composition. Nails are not exposed to negative impacts and do not break down harmful substances.