Advice 1: Than to dilute thickened nail Polish

If nail Polish has changed its consistency, dilute it in several ways. Furthermore, even though it formed lumps, it is also not about getting rid of money. Please note that the bottles have tightly closed after each use, frequent dilution of the varnish will change its color and be unfit for use.
Thickened nail Polish

Special tools

The best way to dilute thickened nail Polish is the use of special fluids, which are called "reducers lacquer". Such mixtures are convenient to use and they can be used to achieve the desired effect in a few minutes.

All the means for dilution of the varnish are equipped with special dispensers and contain detailed instructions for use. Usually to make the nail Polish the right consistency, you need only a few drops of thinner. The main feature of this method is that there are likely to spoil the varnish.
Please note that when using the method with hot water, do not use boiling water. Otherwise, the glass bottle may explode.

People's ways

If you do not have on hand special equipment for dilution of varnish, you can use several popular techniques. For example, lower the bottle with dried paint in hot water for a few minutes. Then shake the mixture and evaluate the results. The heating procedure can be repeated until the desired result. The disadvantage of this method lies in the short-term effect. After a while the vehicle again thick and before using it again have to use hot water.

To dilute the nail Polish you can use alcohol or acetone. A few drops of one of the substances is added to the vial, and then shaken until complete mixing. The disadvantage of this method lies in the possible change in the consistency of varnish. Dark skin to brighten, and the light become pale.
When buying nail Polish to give preference to vehicles with metal balls inside the bottle. Such coatings are less prone to drying.

Expert advice

It should be noted that experts do not recommend to dilute thickened nail Polish. This is especially true of traditional methods with acetone, nail Polish remover and alcohol. Such substances prolonged and regular contact with the nail plate harm them. The nails can become weaker, to appear the peeling and breakage. To get involved in the experiments returns the varnish the desired consistency is not necessary.

A distinctive feature of professional tools for the restoration of lacquer – contains no acetone. Therefore, the dilution of varnish, you will not only change its consistency, but does not change the composition. Nails are not exposed to negative impacts and do not break down harmful substances.

Advice 2 : Than to dissolve the nail Polish

Dried or even hardened nail Polish is very common. This nail Polish is thick, dense and viscous. It covers the nail unevenly, leaving streaks. It is very sad when the varnish is still a lot, and nice to paint his nails does not work.
Nail Polish
You will need
  • Nail Polish, liquid nail Polish remover, acetone.
In the composition of the varnish includes a special liquid that vaporizes at every loosening of the cover. Because of this even the highest quality nail eventually thickens. Decorative coatings of different companies a period of stability in different ways: some lucky set a month and a half, while others retain the perfect consistency for about 4-6 months.
If the jar of varnish there are special metal balls, shaking them periodically helps to maintain liquid consistency. Balls is able to break up clots that are formed during prolonged storage of nail Polish.
For dilution of nail Polish, there is a special liquid. Her producing firms specializing in professional cosmetics for nails and hands. Use liquid very simple, just add a couple of drops in a bottle with a varnish, seal the lid and shake. This extender extends the life of thickened nail Polish for one month. After that, the process of thickening is resumed. If you re-add the solvent, the structure of the lacquer will change and it will be impossible to use.
Of course, the nail Polish can be thinned with acetone or nail varnish. But keep in mind that almost immediately, the nail changes because of this its structure. Already after a couple days it will become uneven, and when applied will strongly pull away from the nail plate. This is due to the fact that the liquid varnish remover contains substances that destroy the paint. Therefore, this method of cultivation of the lacquer is suitable only if you want to do a manicure with color coating, as of varnish in not available.
Remember, if you dilute the paint with acetone, the lacquer will cease to be bright and saturated. Therefore do not dilute the varnish with too many substances. And as a result of prolonged use of nail Polish diluted with acetone, be prepared for this consequence as yellowing of the nails, brittleness, delamination and the slowdown of the nail plate, loss of natural Shine of the nail surface.
To increase the life of the nail Polish store it in the refrigerator or in a dark drawer. It is important to remove nail Polish away from direct sunlight. Do not place the bottle near a radiator or other heating devices. At high temperature the liquid out of the varnish evaporates faster and the varnish soon dries up. Keep the varnish in a vertical position. If the bottle lies, varnish in it constantly flows back and forth. After use, carefully tighten the lid of the varnish.
Special liquid for diluting the varnish include acetone solvent.
Useful advice
Buy nail Polish in a small bottle. He will not have time to thicken, as it will end quickly.
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