You will need
  • computer;
  • - GPS receiver;
  • - the software for GPS.
Buy a GPS receiver. This is a small device connected through the USB port or Bluetooth, which is used to receive signals from navigation satellites. By itself, it does not contain maps or information about your route, it just determines your place in space. Consult experts about your model. In different localities the GPS works differently, so you need to choose the most optimal model to complete the work.
Connect the GPS receiver to the laptop. To do this, use provided by the manufacturer of the connection method. Naturally more convenient to use the USB port. In the configuration of the receiver should be a CD with drivers and software. Install utilities into the operating system of the laptop. Try to install to the system directory on the local disk.
Install navigation program. This is the application that will position your position on the map based on the coordinates received from the GPS receiver. Programs navigation a lot. Read reviews online, check out features and screenshots and choose. You can also install several applications to compare their performance at work.
Configure navigation program for receiving the signal from the GPS receiver and check the connection. Download and install fresh maps for the program navigation that you choose. Unfortunately, the GPS receiver is not much less than a full-fledged Navigator. The more modern navigators contain installed software. And themselves navigators are small and specifically designed for ease of use in the car.