Advice 1: How to install the software on a GPS Navigator

GPSNavigator usually comes with pre-installed software from the manufacturer or from the company, which the manufacturer signed the contract. Often Navigator's installed software "Navitel". If you for some reason deleted my navigation program, or want to use another, it can be done.
How to install the software on a GPS Navigator
You will need
  • - the Internet.
Record in the memory of the Navigatorand any file Manager that helps you to display the contents of the memory card device. It may be Explorer or Total Commander. At this point in time there is a large range of software performing similar tasks. You can find on the website Upload to the SD card of the navigation program. If you buy the official version of the navigation software from the manufacturer, you will have no problems finding and connecting cards. Run file Manager and locate the card program navigation.
Some programs navigation immediately after loading and do not require installation, such as Igo8. The program "Navitel" required setting of the GPS port, City Guide required file with the license information. Read the instructions to install the program. Configure all of the parameters in the Navigatore that the system worked correctly.
Write new maps in the folder navigation program. Some programs support additional information: elements of roads and cities, different languages, warnings and other. Place additional elements in the program folder. It is also worth noting that some cards are paid, so you will have to pay a certain amount. As practice shows, it is best to use licensed software for navigation.
You may need more than one navigation program. Each navigation has its advantages, and to choose their own, you will have to try some of them. In the future you will not have problems installing programs in the Navigator. However, do not try to install third-party software that may contain viruses. Nobody will give you guarantees that the device will be fine.

Advice 2: How to install Navitel Navigator on

Navitel - is a navigation software system, developed by JSC "CNT" for users of GPS-NavigatorAMI, smartphones etc. mobile devices. The software contains a detailed map of Russia, provides a detailed three-dimensional mapping in the form of roads, infrastructure, provides additional information for better orientation in an unfamiliar place.
How to install Navitel Navigator on
Typically GPS devices are sold with preloaded maps and programs navigation. However, some drivers require extra cards that are not in the program. Often the owners of navigators aim to combine in one device several navigation programs for ease of use.
Install Navitel on the Navigator in two ways. Buy official licensed Navitel with maps and install it on the Navigator, following the steps.
Download Navitel maps on your computer. Connect your device or USB flash drive with the navigation program to the computer via USB cable. Create a root device with the program a separate folder, where you need to download additional maps. Do not change anything in other folders, don't put anything in them. Only use the newly created folder.
In the new folder, create another folder under the card you want to add to the program. Move the downloaded to the PC Navitel maps into a new directory under maps. In the program Navigator, select the menu item "Open Atlas" and create a folder for the new Atlas (usually there is an icon with a folder at the bottom or top of the window). In the opened window specify the path to the folder with new map, click on it and select the command "Create Atlas"
After indexing, click the checkmark. Using the new card, just select it in the list of atlases.
Or download on your PC Navitel maps from unofficial sites. Remember that when placing them on your navigation device, you risk not only the quality of orientation, but also the comfort of movement, by the Navigator, as well as the security of your computer.

Advice 3: Which is better:- gps or phone with GPS?

Tourists, motorists and travelers have the opportunity to facilitate their activities through the use of navigators. Its advantages have gps, and phones equipped with the app mapping. How to implement the same difficult choice?
Which is better:- gps or phone with GPS?

Mapping for gps

Gps Navigator can be a good choice for the motorist. First, a large part of the gps made specially for driving a car - they work fine at high speeds, they are not affected by the absence of the Internet. Second, they receive information directly from satellites in space - so Navigator's almost impossible to get lost.

One of the most popular systems for gps-navigators in our country - "Navitel". "Navitel" navigators approved by the Agency of cartography of the Russian Federation. The accuracy of gps receiving information from the satellites is quite high - breakdown location reaches five meters.

Mobile app

Mobile apps have more flexibility, modules can be easily updated via the Internet. Besides you can easily install multiple apps - this method is most suitable for solving specific problems.

Normally, mobile apps get information about the whereabouts of its owner via the Internet (gprs, 3G). They work well in urban environments, close to the points of distribution of Wi-Fi and cellular towers.

Yandex.Map and Google.Maps

Search engines "Yandex" and Google has made mapping systems of the highest level. In addition to accuracy and detail, the maps of "Yandex" and Google have a system of getting new information from ordinary users. That is why Yandex.Map and Google.Maps faster than other mapping services learn about the new shops, parks and hospitals.

Navigation with support for Android, iOS devices, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry can use the "Yandex.Map and Google.Maps. Especially attractive gps-enabled mapping applications search engines - they combine the advantages of mobile applications and of the independence of the gps systems.

You cross a Navigator with a smartphone

The task set itself the companies of Asus and Garmin. Asus is a leading manufacturer of computer hardware in the world, known for its laptops and tablet computers. Garmin the leader in gps navigation and cartography. The developers wanted to create a smartphone running on Windows Mobile and is a full-fledged gps-Navigator. And they masterfully!

Created the phone is called the Garmin-Asus nuviPhone. The gps system allows the device to determine its location with high accuracy in all weather conditions.
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