You will need
  • computer
  • gps Navigator "Navitel"
  • Internet access
Install and update the maps for the "Navitel Navigator" you can both in automatic and in manual mode. To install the card yourself, you will need a personal computer or laptop. Remember that cards from the "old" third version "Navigator" will not fit the new, fifth version. Weight the new maps more, they contain a much greater amount of information.
Download any map you need all over Russia and separate regions from the manufacturer's website or any tracker. Cards are suitable for "Navitel Navigator" on various systems – Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile. The location of the folder with maps is also not different.
If you have downloaded maps in the archive, extract it to any convenient place. Connect your device to PC or laptop in any way you can. Through the computer's file Explorer, locate the folder “NavitelContent\Maps\” and copy to this directory the downloaded maps. For example, you can expand to regions and countries in separate folders.
Then run the program. Ideally, it should auto-detect the card and make an Atlas. If not, go to "Menu", then click "Settings" - "Map" - "Open Atlas". Now select the appropriate card in the Explorer of your device and click "Create Atlas".
If you update the card automatically. This method is available only when connected to the Internet. Go to "Menu" - "settings" - "Map". Next, select "Check update. The program will connect to the server "Navitel Navigator" and after a while will report on the opportunity map updates, showing a list of them. Select and click "Install". This option is available on all devices to any of three operating systems – Symbian, Android and Windows Phone. After updating the maps, the Atlas will be updated automatically.