You will need
  • - laptop computer;
  • software;
  • - GPS transmitter or mobile phone.
To laptop worked as GPS Navigator, you should not just elements, but also the appropriate software. Prior to connecting the GPS module (or cell phone), make sure that the laptop is worth all the necessary software that is adapted to the existing operating system and the connectivity with the necessary equipment. If such software on a laptop not, find it online, download and install on your PC.
Locate and install the software for navigation. Decide what option Navigator is more appropriate. Some are more suitable for traveling long distances while others are better to use.
Connect the GPS receiver or performing its role the phone via wifi, Bluetooth or USB. Prefer a more convenient option. USB output today are equipped with almost all portable personal computers, to install the program Navigator will be quite normal, the most simple laptop, tablet or netbook.
Synchronize the GPS receiver with the laptop, wait for confirmation that the system has determined the equipment. If the system does not define innovation, it could mean that there are no additional drivers and you must install them yourself. This can be done by setting up automatic searches.
If extra drivers are not needed, and the device initially defined – start and configure the navigation software. Make sure that the program operates correctly in the path.