Advice 1: How to make home brew

Braga have come to us from time immemorial. It is unknown for certain when it was opened by this heady drink. But for sure, a very long time. Since time immemorial people knew how to cook crisp drink with the help of yeast. It is not difficult to do it in our time, at home.

Braga drink as a standalone drink, making moonshine with the help of special devices. There are several ways of cooking mash.
How to make home brew
You will need
    • 3 liters of water
    • 1-3 kg of sugar
    • 1 pack of baking yeast and 300 grams of living
    • 400 g round rice unwashed Krasnodar.
To prepare Braga is easy. Yeast dissolve in warm water, thoroughly stirred. Then add the same capacity of sugar. Mix again until the sugar is dissolved. Now put the resulting liquid in a warm place. Under the influence of heat starts the fermentation process.
For Braga it is necessary from time to time glances - not much if it's foam, ready. When the fermentation becomes very weak, Braga can be used for the distillation of moonshine.
Braga is also made using a dry and fresh yeast. To do this, take 1 liter of water 1 kg of sugar and 100 grams of live yeast. Sugar must be thoroughly dissolved in warm water, stirring constantly. The water temperature should be 20-30 degrees.
Then cut the yeast into small pieces, chop, mix evenly with a small amount of sugar. Thus have you prepared the starter. When the evolution of gas - it is ready.
After that, mix the yeast with the warm water in which you previously dissolved the sugar. Top container, which contains all that you need to cover and leave in a warm place. Upcoming Braga should stand in this form 10-12 days. After that it will be ready.
Braga is different, including like pink champagne. This Braga you can be happy to drink. But she is very intoxicated. Try to prepare.
Dissolve 1 kg of sugar in 3 l of warm water, dissolve 25 g of yeast. The obtained liquid pour 400 gr Krasnodar round rice. The pic before this do not need to wash. Then insist that this fermenter for 9 days.
After the leaven rises, it add red currants. You will need approximately 2-3 tablespoons of the berries. After that the Mead needs to sit for another 9 days. And then intoxicating drink bottling, drink, treat your guests.
Useful advice
Before you drink home brew, it should be filtered. Braga can be poured into the jug, the bottom of which lies the ice. So it will be more tasty.

Advice 2: How to make home brew from wheat

Braga – alcoholic product, because it is prepared homemade strong drinks and beer. Formulation and manufacturing technology depends on the alcohol content and the quality of the final product. Braga on wheat cooked in ancient Russia the technology since that time little has changed.
How to make home brew from wheat

Old-fashioned technology of malt

Preparation mash of wheat – the process laborious and time consuming. For this purpose, suitable the choicest, ripe wheat, which should sprout for malt. It is necessary to soak the grain in water for a day, during this time, change the water three times. Then wet the wheat spread out in the tank with a layer of 8-10 cm and put in a warm place for a week, closing with a wet gauze. Don't forget 2-3 times a day to mix it. Sprouts needs to grow at 7-8 mm and roots at 10 mm. It is green malt, it is not stored, it must be used immediately.

For long-term storage can be prepared white malt − germinated grain, put it in the oven to dry, setting temperature 40°C, until the grain is white. Granulate it into flour, mix with warm water, add sugar and yeast. In percentage terms it looks like this: 70% water, 30% flour, 20% of the flour weight of sugar, 5% yeast. Insist Braga within 14 days. Mash is considered ripe when it has finished the fermentation process and it will become transparent. To determine the readiness using a match – move a burning match to the liquid, if it is not extinguished, so it is possible to distill the moonshine.

Simplified recipe sourdough wheat

It is possible to prepare Braga of wheat under the simplified recipe. Rinse full varietal product, pour into the jar (38 liters), cover with water slightly above the level of grain and leave for a day to dry, then add capacity of 1.5 kg of sugar and place it in a warm place for a week, will ferment with wild yeast". After seven days in the jar it is necessary to add the must with sugar and water according to the level of the shoulders, not more. From the full jar during the fermentation liquid to "climb" across the top. For every 3.5 litres of water taken 1 kg of sugar. Close the container tightly and leave in the warm to ferment. The period of fermentation depends on the room temperature, 10-14 days would suffice to Braga was ready. Bard in the fermented sweetness is not felt, it has a bitter taste and peculiar smell.

Yeast from grain can be used multiple times. Braga is drained and distilled into moonshine, the remaining sediment again pour sugared wort into the flask 10 kg of sugar and put to ferment. Quality beverage is obtained from the second batch. The alcohol obtained from the mash in a wheat leaven, does not contain any fusel oils.

Advice 3: How to make Mead out of a jam

Braga is the oldest alcoholic drink, which in Ancient Rus they were made of birch or maple juice. This intoxicating drink is still doing in the home of various raw materials, usually as a basis for distilling moonshine. The net drink kept long – drink immediately after fermentation. Try to make Mead out of a jam is a good way to recycle the surplus of your stocks.
How to make Mead out of a jam
You will need
    • Clean water
    • Jam
    • Sugar
    • Raisins and fruits
    • Capacity to prepare the wort and yeast
    • Yeast wine 3%
    • The fermentation capacity of the water-gate, glove
    • cord and needle)
    • Thermometer
    • A wooden paddle (stick)
    • Small ladle or a rubber hose
    • Bag
    • sewn from a piece of white flannel (fine sieve)
Prepare thoroughly cleaned large container – jar for milk or glass wine bottle. If you want to make Mead out of a jam in a small amount, enough three-liter jars. When using a vessel of glass, also take an enamel pan or pot for heating water.
Put in a vessel of fermented sugar or jam and fill it with cold water. You need to add sugar to taste at the future of the brew was sweet, but not cloying. According to classic recipes, 40 liters of water would need 10 liters of jam and sugar. In sweet wort you can also add raisins or softened to a pulp of sweet fruits and berries.
Place the container on a medium heat and, stirring, heat the mixture. Turn off the heat and let the liquid cool to room temperature. Meanwhile, prepare the leaven.
Pinch of fresh wine yeast (not frozen!) in warm water, until the mixture becomes homogeneous. Add yeast to the wort and mix everything carefully.
Place the future home of jam in the fermentation capacity and install a water seal (or rubber glove). If you are using a glove, a part of carbonic gas will bleed through the dressing, but to prevent "explosion" follow on two fingers the holes with a needle.
Put a container of brew out of a jam in a warm place, eliminating sharp fluctuations in temperature (as drafts and heat). Sometimes to speed up the process of preparation of alcoholic beverage fermentation capacity put in protoplennoy bathhouse or to the battery. Home winemakers believe that too high a temperature ruins the flavor of the mash.
According to estimates, a kilogram of sugar produced about 500 g of alcohol. In this case the yeast die when the alcohol concentration in the liquid reaches 15-16 revs. It is recommended to make pruno out of the jam with a sugar content of 25-30%. With less sugar, the wort will ferment poorly and do raw sugary pointless – all the sugar will not participate in the process. Future mash before fermentation must remind the taste of very sweet tea.
Useful advice
Water seal is a rubber hose, one end of which passes through a sealed tube into the fermentation tank, and the other descends into the bottle with water (it should be below the fermenting wort). Through the hose in the water facing the excess carbon dioxide.
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