You will need
    • 3 liters of water
    • 1-3 kg of sugar
    • 1 pack of baking yeast and 300 grams of living
    • 400 g round rice unwashed Krasnodar.
To prepare Braga is easy. Yeast dissolve in warm water, thoroughly stirred. Then add the same capacity of sugar. Mix again until the sugar is dissolved. Now put the resulting liquid in a warm place. Under the influence of heat starts the fermentation process.
For Braga it is necessary from time to time glances - not much if it's foam, ready. When the fermentation becomes very weak, Braga can be used for the distillation of moonshine.
Braga is also made using a dry and fresh yeast. To do this, take 1 liter of water 1 kg of sugar and 100 grams of live yeast. Sugar must be thoroughly dissolved in warm water, stirring constantly. The water temperature should be 20-30 degrees.
Then cut the yeast into small pieces, chop, mix evenly with a small amount of sugar. Thus have you prepared the starter. When the evolution of gas - it is ready.
After that, mix the yeast with the warm water in which you previously dissolved the sugar. Top container, which contains all that you need to cover and leave in a warm place. Upcoming Braga should stand in this form 10-12 days. After that it will be ready.
Braga is different, including like pink champagne. This Braga you can be happy to drink. But she is very intoxicated. Try to prepare.
Dissolve 1 kg of sugar in 3 l of warm water, dissolve 25 g of yeast. The obtained liquid pour 400 gr Krasnodar round rice. The pic before this do not need to wash. Then insist that this fermenter for 9 days.
After the leaven rises, it add red currants. You will need approximately 2-3 tablespoons of the berries. After that the Mead needs to sit for another 9 days. And then intoxicating drink bottling, drink, treat your guests.