You will need
  • - documents on your SIM card;
  • - your documents.
Please see the help Desk technician you are a cellular operator, the number provided in the registration document of the SIM card. Request information about incoming calls to your cell phone from hidden numbers. Usually this service is provided on a fee basis, details check with the operator.
To commit this operation, you may need the passport details of the person were registration of the SIM card – the number and series of the document, surname, name and patronymic, may address the subscriber's registration. It all depends on your network operator.
Visit offices to serve you operator who are in your city. They have you can also get information about the incoming calls on your phone from hidden numbers, but only a condition for the submission of documents confirming your identity as the owner of the SIM card, on which was an incoming call from an unknown number. Otherwise, your application will be rejected. You can also bring the person on whom the SIM card is registered.
Go to the official website of your operator and go to managing your account. If you do not have an account in the system, create it, you may need to do this, access the SIM card on which the call was made from an unknown number. You will receive a password to access in the form of SMS messages and control panel order a printout of the hidden numbers to your phone, if this feature is provided in this resource.
Please note that in this case, your account required amount covering the cost of providing this service. Do not use alternatives for the disclosure of the caller ID of the person you offered by online resources - most often they do not work.