Connect the service "Super caller ID", if your mobile operator is the company "MegaFon". To do this, use USSD by dialing *502#. It is worth remembering that service connection is quite expensive, and it is not available in all regions. Also note that you are guaranteed to find a hidden room of the subscriber is possible only in the intranet space. If you get a call from other operator number or region, the function may not work.
Use a paid service "Super caller ID" on devices with mobile communication operator. Connected option the USSD-combination *110*4161#. Be prepared for the fact that the daily will need to pay a monthly fee of fifty rubles. The service helps to know the hidden number of the subscriber of any operator, but may remain unidentified landline.
Enable a special option on devices operating in the network of the operator "MTS" to find a hidden phone number. It's called "Super caller ID". When you connect from your mobile account will be charged the amount of two thousand rubles. In addition, there is a daily subscription fee, component six and a half rubles. The service will be unavailable for subscribers with the tariff "Class". It is also necessary to take into account certain incompatibilities with certain phones. The most effective option is for determining the numbers in the internal network of the operator. To connect or to abandon the use of services "by using USSD-request *111*007#.
Configure your phone to accept calls only from subscribers in your contact list. This will help to avoid calls from unknown and undetectable rooms, although is a drastic measure. To use the function in the settings menu calls, select "Receive calls only from contact list".