To assemble on Pinterest collection any images will need to register for this service. This can be done using an account in the networks of Facebook or Twitter. Just click the Login button located in the upper right part of the window of the home page and select the icon of the desired social network. Logged on to Pinterest this way, you must set the fields in the form that appears on the page, login and password for the created account. On the email address provided during registration on Facebook or Twitter, will be for a few seconds sent an email with a link to confirm your email address. After the transition contained in the message the link account on Pinterest will be created and ready to use.

One of the easiest ways to add images in your own collection is to use the Repin button while viewing the collections of other users. To get to your images, you will need to go to the home page by clicking on the logo. In the window that will be presented unsorted latest pictures added by users of Pinterest. To see images grouped by theme, just hover your cursor on the drop-down list of Categories and click on the desired topic.

When you hover the cursor, which appears as a magnifying glass on the preview pictures you will see the Repin button, which will send the image to your own collection. Collections of custom images on Pinterest called boards, that is. To create such a Board, on which is placed the copied image, after clicking on the Repin button will need to enter in the text box the name of the group of pictures and click on the Create button. For fasteners image to the Board you simply click the Pin it button located under the picture. If collections have already been created more than one, when you add an image you will need to select the Board name from the drop-down list under the picture.

Another way to add any photos to one of your own boards on Pinterest is to use the special tool which is a browser extension. Before this tool can be reached by selecting in the drop down menu About, which is located at the top of the page, para Pin It Button. Located in the window rectangle with the words Pin It you need to drag the mouse to the bookmarks bar of the browser.

To move found on the Internet image on one of your own boards, you will need to click on the icon and Pin It under your browser bookmarks bar. In the opened window, you will see preview of the selected image. When you hover over the thumbnail image of the pointer becomes visible Pin It button, which you press. In the resulting window you can enter a small description of the picture, choose the name of the Board on which is pinned an image and click on the red Pin It button.