If you need to upload one or more photos online, get a link and send it to someone, and you don't really care about the future of your photos, you can use one of the resources designed specifically for such purposes. One of them is the website – the most simple service for photo upload. You need to choose the photo on your computer, click the Download button and you will get not only a link to your photo that you can send to your friends, but 4 different versions of embedded code for blogs, forums, etc. Can select the option to "Flash upload and upload several photos at once, having each of them a separate link and several options of code.The same principle works and other services, which are called image hosts . Among them,,, and many others. Choose any one you like and can use for free!
In addition to these "fast hosting there are also more global resources, such as, Picasa Web albums, Flickr and others. Using these services, you can not just upload a photo and create photo albums, and view them in a convenient form.