You will need
  • paper and writing materials;
  • - computer keyboard.
If you decide to learn how to encrypt the text, then you probably have the need to hide certain information from others. Now it is especially important. After all, no channel information is not completely reliable. Constant hacker attacks on mail servers, and databases of mobile operators make us think about our own information security.
Practicing the encryption of the text, start with the basics. The easiest way encryption on the first letter. You write with plain text, but the first letter of each line vertically, will make the encrypted message (Fig.1).
This method of encryption will help you if enemies force you to write a note to the family and to convince them that you're okay. Externally, the text will absolutely meet all their requirements, but you can file a "distress signal" (provided that the family also know, this method of encryption).
Another simple method of encryption is based on a computer keyboard. Each key for typing contain two letters of Russian and Latin. To encrypt the phrase "I will come tomorrow", type the text, switching to English layout. Then you get the "Z ghbtle pfdnhf" (Fig.2). To decode your message, he should perform reverse action – to get English text in the Russian layout, or use the services of specialized sites (e.g.,, etc.).
Because of the existence of such services should not transmit email information, the unit of measurement that is encrypted in this way. If your mailbox is compromised, a third party will be able to decode your message.
For truly effective protection of your communications devise your own coding system, the key to which will be known only to you and the person to whom you address your message.
Based you can also take a computer keyboard. Now think of a coding principle. For example, conventionally designate keys for typing numerals (Fig.3). One letter from you will be identified by a unique number, others in double digits. To avoid confusion, put "/" between the numbers. Now encrypt the phrase "He's not guilty." You should have "20/16 16/13 8/15/16/20/8/13/16".