When you encrypt data using different algorithms: md4, md5, mysql, etc. Most commonly used is the md5 algorithm of different options. A sample translation of the text in the hash you can see here: Enter any word, click the "Hash md5" and you will get the encrypted string. For example, the word "man" corresponds to the hash e3447a12d59b25c5f850f885c1ed39df.
Try to crack the hash algorithm is useless, so the decryption reduces to the method of brute-force attack – the "brute force". That is, the encoded word is selected by comparison. The program is engaged in selection of words and compares them to the hashes that need to be deciphered. If a match is found, the hash is decrypted.
If you need to decrypt the hash, use the first one of the free online services, carrying on the same transcript. For example, this: This service is convenient because in its basis there are the hashes of words in the Russian language. Click on the link, type in the above hash in the appropriate field. Press Enter, you will see the transcript hash.
Similar services on the web quite a lot, but in that case, if you remember the password with them does not work, use the specialized program – for example, PasswordsPro. The program has several options for selecting, from the fast on simple passwords like 123, 121212, etc., to the bulkheads of the huge number of possible combinations. In the latter case, decryption can not last one day (depends on the power of the computer).
To decrypt the hash, you can use the program John the Ripper. The only drawback of the app is that it works from the command line.